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The International Journal of Business and Finance Implications is a high-quality international adjudicator research journal which is published annually. It is an annual publication of the Superior University, Lahore aimed at providing an independent interdisciplinary forum for swapping on significant economics, finance and commerce research and policy issues. Articles discuss particular social science or humanities issues, review conceptual problems, present empirical reports and debate policy alternatives. We encourage authors to discuss their research experiences for an increased understanding of the research dominion. We welcome authored papers in areas relevant to Finance, Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Commerce, Islamic Economics and legal system, Psychology, and Management. We follow a blind peer review policy of reviewing research work submitted to International Journal of Business and Finance Implications.

This journal addresses not only the researchers but also the academic readers as secondary audience.  Business and Finance Research has expanded significantly in recent decades, making it difficult for scholars to follow advances in the multiple, specialized subfields. International Journal of Business and Finance Implications addresses this by publishing important work that synthesizes and translates theoretical and empirical research in management's distinct sub-fields in an authoritative evidential manner that makes these findings accessible for scholars. Single articles or collections of related articles are welcome. It entertains thought-provoking articles that lead to new approaches to the Business law and Finance field. International Journal of Business and Finance Implications accepts to review research papers, case studies, literature surveys as well as book reviews. We follow a “double blind peer review policy” of reviewing research work submitted to International Journal of Business and Finance Implications. The open access policy of our journal aims at increasing the visibility and accessibility of the published content.

The International Journal of Business and Finance Implications is a high quality international refereed research journal. The term “Research in Business and Finance” covers research areas such as specializing in theory of Business, Finance and Accounting. Whereas it focuses on International Journal of Finance, Financial Services Review, Islamic Economics and legal system, psychological behaviour, Advances in Taxation, International Law, Journal of Accounting Education, Tax Notes and Business Review theory case studies of general interest. Regular supplementary volumes are devoted to topics of central importance to both modern theoretical research and present reality of economic and commercial policies. Fields of interest: international finance, financial analysis and treasury management, policy making research papers, articles, case studies and book reviews of general interest.

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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): International Journal of Business & Finance Implications
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