Opening a new horizon in green HRM practices with big data analytics and its analogy to circular economy performance an empirical evidence


  • Tanveer Ahmad Shahid
  • Muhammad Khubaib
  • Sami-Ullah
  • Abubakar Khan


Green human resources management (GHRM), Big data analysis (BDA), Sustainable competitive advantage (SCA)


Along with the mediating role of green innovation and moderating roles of big data analytics and data-driven culture, the study shows the influence of green HR management on the success of the circular economy.  Based on the study's findings, performance in the circular economy has been found to be significantly enhanced by green HRM. By concentrating on the performance of the circular economy, big data analytics and green innovation have also approved mediation and moderator responsibilities. Datadriven culture, therefore, did not function as a moderator between the performance of the circular economy and green innovation. The research established a theoretically unique link between the absorptive capacity theory and the resource base view theorem, recognizing a firm's capabilities or resources as new value.