Impact of FDI on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan


  • Muhammad Talha
  • Hassan Mushtaq
  • Quratulain
  • Syeda Laraib


Economic Growth, FDI, Pakistan


The main resolution this study to explore the effect of FDI on Economic Growth in Pakistan. The study covered the time period from 1980 to 2006. This essay examines and synthesizes the body of theoretical and empirical research on the subject. The overview of FDI's impact on Pakistan's economic growth is first drawn. Secondly, the printed literature is consulted to locate material that draws from theoretical and empirical discoveries. Furthermore, this essay clarified theoretical approaches that explain how and why these approaches function. Third, three useful metrics are suggested in this article for additional study. By critically analyzing and presenting current theory and research on FDI on Economic Growth in Pakistan, this study makes a contribution to the field.